Abernathy "Abner" is a talented miniature horse who loves to show off pulling a cart. His small size & engaging disposition make him an 

important asset to Equine Assisted Learning.

Meet Abner!

Bitsy is a lovely Friesian Morgan cross. She is talented both as a 

riding & a driving horse! She is sweet, curious and an attractive 

asset to Equine Assisted Learning!

Meet Bitsy!

Bailey is a Friesian Morgan cross & a full sister to Bitsy. She is a 

riding & driving horse who is a bit vain but appreciates the interaction 

with folks in her Mirror Horse Interactions work!

Meet Bailey!

Brittany is a small Morgan mare who is a riding horse, a driving horse, 

& a therapy program horse. She enjoys the attention from and interaction 

with people who want to learn from her.

Meet Brittany!

Smoke is a super kind, sweet Tennessee Walking Horse. He loves to share his calm quiet disposition with children or adults. He is a anchor in our therapeutic work.

Meet Smoke!

Ruby, also a Tennessee Walking Horse, is Smoke's sister. Her long 

flowing mane & pleasant disposition make her a favorite among Mirror Horse 

Interactions participants.

Meet Ruby!

Meet George