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Tried and true horse and carriage,  an old approach to solving your new problem 


With every passing day, the business world gets more and more complex. This puts a strain on the business's key players to engage in demanding and often unfamiliar activities. In these circumstances, it is necessary and often vital for a collaborative approach. Key players are usually highly skilled in their field. Still, they may be lacking in an understanding of the importance of team structure and effective communication.


Offered solution

Mirror Horse Interactions offers an effective training solution to help subject matter experts and critical players better integrate their team. This unique approach draws the participants into an unfamiliar setting and situation and guides them through completing complex tasks as a team, 

teaching all the skills needed to perform a complex task under a structured time frame. This team-building program is designed to help your business's team engage in demanding and unfamiliar activities, increase their understanding of team management, and realize the team dynamics' importance.  


Why our solution is the best choice

Team building is not a new idea, and there are many excellent professional programs available. Most hold trainings based on the psychologies of leadership, useful for CEOs and department heads, but not always applicable to environments where the team is static, but the environment changes rapidly. Typical examples are hospital operating theaters and sports teams, where unexpected happenings are the norm.  


Through metaphor and analogy, the participants will draw parallels between horse and carriage exercises and their personal and team dynamics.  This experiential exercise and analysis will help a team to harness their power and drive forward to success. This program can help a business navigate new frontiers and unexpected events in our current, rapidly changing business environment.  


Who we are/how we got here

Six years ago, a passion for carriage driving and equine-assisted learning merged and evolved into a team-building system. Mirror Horse Interactions is a partnership based on the mutual belief of Pam Umberger and Cheryl Bess that horses have much to teach humankind.

This team-building concept was sparked at a semi-annual carriage driving event at Glenarvon farm just outside of Richmond, Virginia. During an exercise, we observed a team of people harnessing a carriage hurriedly and haphazardly, "AHA" this is what happens in the hospital just before we have an unexpected and usually adverse event.  The team becomes individual moving parts without a common goal or focus.  BAM, with the help of friends, clients, horse professionals, and writing/publishing professionals, a manual has been written to give a person the detailed outline of an equine-assisted learning program centered around the horse and carriage.  Harnessing Your Power to Drive Forward has now reached publication status thanks to the assistance of the Equine Heritage Institute.


This experiential team building program is now available to corporate, business, and sports teams.  Trained equestrian facilities that offer driving services can also take advantage of our "Train the Trainer" programs.  This will add additional services to a driving program by introducing participants to carriage driving sport, driving organizations, educational clinics, potential philanthropic support, and potential sales of goods and services related to the carriage driving industry.  Win, Win, Win!  Harnessing your business's power to drive forward in uncertain times will provide your team with the advantage to excel!


For more information, call Copper Crest Farm at 276-228-5817, ask for Pam. 

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